Glebe Landscaping Project

Garden Edging, Stepping Stones

Project description:

At Outdoor Blitz, we are proud to have completed a stunning garden edging project for a lovely home in Glebe. Our clients wanted a pathway that would lead from the street to their front door, and we were happy to help them achieve their vision.

To create this pathway, we used a combination of concrete stepping stones and orange pebbles, which gave the garden a unique and attractive look. The concrete stepping stones were carefully placed to create a clear and stable pathway, while the orange pebbles added a touch of colour and texture to the garden.

We started by working closely with our clients to understand their vision and preferences. We then designed a layout that would best suit their needs, ensuring that the pathway was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We used high-quality materials throughout the project to ensure that the end result would be durable and long-lasting.

Our team of experienced landscapers worked efficiently and meticulously to complete the project within the agreed timeline, and our clients were thrilled with the outcome. The new pathway adds a sense of sophistication and style to their front yard, and we were delighted to have helped them achieve their dream garden.

At Outdoor Blitz, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and high-quality workmanship. We take pride in our ability to bring our client's visions to life and to create outdoor spaces that they can enjoy for years to come.

Project before and afters:

Client testimonial:

I am so happy with the work from Outdoor Blitz. They created a beautiful pathway from the street to my house using concrete stepping stones and orange pebbles, and it looks fantastic. The team was professional and courteous throughout the project and worked efficiently to complete the work on time. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail that they showed, ensuring that everything was perfect down to the smallest detail. Thank you so much for making my garden look so amazing!

Margie S
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