Birchgrove Landscaping Project

Artificial Turfing

Project description:

At Outdoor Blitz, we recently had the pleasure of completing an artificial turf repair job for a preschool's outdoor space in Birchgrove. The project was a success, and we're thrilled to have had the opportunity to improve the outdoor space for the children.

The preschool's artificial turf had experienced significant wear and tear over the years, with holes, tears, and patches of missing turf throughout the area. We were tasked with repairing the damaged areas and ensuring the turf was safe and functional for the children to play on.

Our team of experienced landscapers got to work immediately, first assessing the extent of the damage and creating a plan of action to repair the damaged areas. We carefully removed the damaged portions of the turf and replaced them with new, high-quality artificial turf to ensure a seamless repair. We also addressed any underlying issues that may have contributed to the damage, such as drainage or irrigation problems.

Once the repairs were complete, we thoroughly inspected the area to ensure that the turf was safe and level, with no hazards or tripping hazards for the children to play on. We take safety very seriously at Outdoor Blitz, and we were proud to deliver a high-quality repair job that not only improved the aesthetic appeal of the space but also ensured that the children could play safely and without worry.

Overall, we're thrilled with the success of this project and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the preschool in Birchgrove.

Project before and afters:

Client testimonial:

I am incredibly grateful to Outdoor Blitz for their outstanding work in repairing our preschool's artificial turf. The team was highly professional, knowledgeable, and efficient, and they delivered a final result that exceeded our expectations. The children at our preschool love spending time outdoors, and their safety is our top priority. The previous state of the artificial turf was a concern for us, and we needed a company that could repair the damage and ensure a safe and functional outdoor space for the children. Outdoor Blitz not only repaired the damaged areas of the turf but also identified underlying issues that we were unaware of, such as drainage and irrigation problems. They went above and beyond to ensure that the turf was level, safe, and functional for the children to play on. Throughout the project, the team communicated clearly and respectfully with us, ensuring that we were informed every step of the way. They were also mindful of the children's schedules and routines, working around our schedule to minimise disruption to their daily activities. We are thrilled with the final result and are grateful to Outdoor Blitz for their exceptional work.

Megan W
Preschool Director, Birchgrove
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