Petersham Landscaping Project

Outdoor Makeover

Project description:

In Petersham, Outdoor Blitz undertook a comprehensive renovation of both the front and back yards to create a cohesive and stylish outdoor environment. This project featured the strategic placement of stepping stones surrounded by contrasting white Cowra pebbles, which beautifully delineated walking paths while adding a modern aesthetic to the yards.

A standout feature of the renovation was the construction of a planter box, crafted from durable hardwood Merbau, which doubled as a seating area around a central fireplace. This multifunctional space, surrounded by carefully arranged pebbles, provided a warm and inviting area for relaxation and social gatherings.

Additionally, the perimeter of the property was enhanced with elegantly laid herringbone pavers, providing a structured and visually appealing boundary that tied the different elements of the landscape together. This thoughtful design not only enhanced the usability of the outdoor spaces but also significantly elevated the property's overall charm and curb appeal.

Project images:

Client Testimonial:

"We are absolutely thrilled with the transformation of our property in Petersham by Outdoor Blitz. The new layout with stepping stones and white Cowra pebbles has given our yards a stunning, modern look. The hardwood Merbau planter box with integrated seating around our new fireplace has become the heart of our garden, perfect for gatherings. The addition of herringbone pavers around the perimeter beautifully frames the entire space. The attention to detail was exceptional, and we couldn't be happier!"

Michael and Julia G.
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