Doonside Landscaping Project

Turfing & Decking

Project description:

In Doonside, Outdoor Blitz embarked on an enriching project to revitalize the outdoor area of a local preschool. This comprehensive undertaking involved the installation of new hardwood Merbau decking, creating a durable, visually appealing platform that serves both as a play area and an outdoor learning environment. This decking was intricately designed to include built-in steps and a seating area, facilitating easy access and providing comfortable spaces for children to sit and engage in activities.

Additionally, the project included laying new Sir Walter Buffalo turf in the designated play areas. This choice of turf is ideal for its soft texture and resilience, providing a safe and lush green space for children to play. The turf installation not only beautifies the outdoor area but also offers a robust surface that can withstand the daily activities of a bustling preschool.

Together, these enhancements have transformed the preschool's outdoor space into a more functional, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing environment, perfectly suited for fostering playful learning and active play.

Project images:

Client Testimonial:

"Outdoor Blitz did a phenomenal job at our preschool in Doonside. The new hardwood Merbau decking with integrated steps and seating has completely revitalized our outdoor space, making it both beautiful and functional. The Sir Walter Buffalo turf has added a wonderful green play area that is safe and inviting for the children. The professionalism and attention to detail by the team were outstanding. We highly recommend their services for anyone looking to enhance outdoor learning and play environments."

Sarah M. - Preschool Director
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